Rufino Javier Hernández Minguillón

Research Professor at the UPV-EHU Department of Architecture.


UNAV Architect (1982), UNAV PhD. in Architecture (1991), UNAV Master´s degree in Building (1993), Specialties in Construction Systems and Site Organization.

Academic Experience

Professor of Construction technology, constructive analysis, industrialized construction, constructive design, requirements, and environmental design. Driver of active practical training and dual training. Recognition: Excellence in Teaching in the two calls presented.


Architecture (UNAV), Master of Building (UNAV), Master of Hospital Management (UC), Expert Course in Sanitary Engineering (UPNA), Master of Architectural Heritage (UPV-EHU), Master of Heritage Intervention (UC), Master of energy efficiency and sustainability (UPV-EHU), Master in Light Facades (UPV-EHU), Master in Sustainable Construction and energy efficiency (UPV). Doctorate of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Engineering and Architecture (UPV-EHU).


Deputy Director of the Master´s degree in Building at ETSA-UNAV. Deputy Director of the ETSA Building Department (UNAV), Director of the ETSA-UNAV Postgraduate Program. Director of the master’s degree in Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency (UPV-EHU). Member of the Academic Commission of the University Master’s degree in Research on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry, Transport, Building and Urban Planning (UPV-EHU).

Research Experience

Researcher in the fields ofactive industrialized closings, eco-efficient industrialized construction, eco-efficient, accessible and inclusive urban planning, intelligent architecture and urban planning. Recognition: 4 six-year terms.

PhD Theses

Directed: 14, of them, 9 with mention of excellence, 7 internationals, 8 in development.

Projects and Contracts of Investigation

59 projects financed by: European Comission, MICINN (formerly MINECO…), Ministry of Industry (CEDETI), Government of Navarra and Basque Government.

Publications and Conferences

He has published 23 books and book chapters and 26 technical articles, participated in writing and editing. He is a reviewer of 6 scientific journals at Q1 level.

Research Management

Editing Magazine Director (RE). Head of the Research Group “Quality of Life in Architecture, CAVIAR, IT1135-16 (UPV-EHU), IT1409-19 (UPV-EHU).

Transfer to Society and the Productive Sector

Founder of the architecture studio: Alonso, Hernández & associates, architecture (1989)-. EDengineering (2000-), Spin-off RB3 (1913-).

Recognition: 80 first prizes in architecture and urban planning competitions and obtained more than 30 prizes for creations and professional activity, 5 prizes for research work. The work has been published in the most prestigious magazines and books editors. AH is an R&D-intensive SME in the areas of: construction systems and materials, building, urban planning and ICTs, with 40 projects at a European, national and regional level.

Member of the management committee of the Basque Country Construction Cluster ERAIKUNE (2013-) and vice president (2013-2016).Member of the Executive Committee of the Navarra Communications Forum. Member of the UPNA Social Forum (2017-). (Member of the Advisory Committee of the PCTI of the Basque Country in the field of Sustainable Urban Habitat / Sustainable Cities(2018-). Member of the Advisory Committee of the PCTI of the Basque Country in the field of Housing (2018-). Member of the Directive and Rector committees of the Basotek Consortium (2018-). Member of the Advisory Committee of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Council (2019-).

Academic and Research Evaluation

ANECA, ANEP and AQU evaluator in the area of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Serra-Hunter Programme Evaluator (Catalunya University System).