María Olatz Irulegi Garmendia

PhD Architect. Senior Lecturer

Academic background

PhD Architect (2011, University of the Basque Country UPV / EHU), Master in Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency (2009, University of the Basque Country UPV / EHU). She has been a fellow of the Obra Social de la Caixa for the Master in Architectural Design (2007, University of Navarra). Architect (2004, University of the Basque Country UPV / EHU), during 2000-2002 she studied at the University of Stuttgart (Germany).

Teaching experience

Associate Professor. Since 2006 he has been teaching in the area of Architectural Construction of the Department of Architecture of the University of the Basque Country UPV / EHU. Since 2010 she has taught the subject “Environmental Tools” in the Master in Research on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry, Transport, Building and Urban Planning (UPV / EHU). She has directed 1 Doctoral Thesis, 9 Final Master Projects and 15 Final Degree Projects. She has been visiting professor at TU Delft (Holland), Hochshule München (Germany), Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), Faculdade de Arquitectura da UTL-Lisboa (Portugal). She has also participated in the Educational Innovation Project entitled “Development Cooperation as a framework for the acquisition of transversal skills in the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture.

Research experience

Her Doctoral Thesis with International mention is entitled: “Energy Efficiency of Ventilated Active Façades Applied to Office Buildings in Spain“. Rating: Outstanding Cum Laude. In 2009 she did a 6-month stay at “Group Building Environmental Studies” directed by Mattheos Santamouris. University of Athens (Greece). She has participated as a researcher in different projects aimed at the development of industrialized façade systems and the application of passive and active strategies to improve the quality of life in buildings.

She has a recognized six-year period (sexenio) of investigation.

She has published 9 articles in indexed journals (2 in Q1) and 5 book chapters (3 of them in Springer publishing house). She has also published the book “Energy Performance of Buildings – Energy Efficiency and Built Environment in Temperate Climates” (Editorial Springer) and the books “Ecoefficient Architecture Volume I and Volume II (Publishing Service UPV / EHU)

She has also participated with oral communication in 13 national and international congresses.

Professional experience

She has worked in different architecture studios: Architekturbüro Feldisieper (Stuttgart); Pool Architekten (Zurich), Diara Design (Aretxabaleta), LKS Ingeniería (Zamudio and San Sebastián), Tena & Zulategui Arquitectos (Pamplona). Since 2014, she has a partner of the environmental consultancy South.