Miriam Varela Alonso

PhD Architect. Interim Lecturer

Academic background

Architect from the  University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (2005) and Master’s Degree in Restoration and Comprehensive Management of Built Heritage from the  University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (2012). She is a PhD Architect in the PhD Program: Architecture, Urbanism and Heritage (UPV / EHU) with the thesis: “Ocharcoaga, the yellow flower polygon”, directed by Manuel Iñiguez and Lauren Etxepare (2017).

Teaching experience

Honorary Professor in Projects 0 ETSA San Sebastián (2006-2010). Currently interim labor professor of Projects, ETSASS (2022-2023). Architectural Projects Area.

Research experience

Researcher who is part of the Research Project on the Union Work of the Home and Architecture, financed by the Ministry of Public Works directed by Carlos Sambricio and Ricardo Sánchez Lampreave, whose coordinator is Francisco Javier Muñoz Fernández (EHU/UPV) (2018-2019).

Researcher with the OTXAR ACTIVE FRONTAGE project, a Comprehensive Urban Regeneration Plan, financed by the Basque Government’s Department of Territorial Planning, Urbanism and Urban Regeneration, for the development of innovative ideas and projects that contribute to the objectives of the “urban habitat” opportunity niche of the PCTI Euskadi 2020, BAI+D+i program (2018-2021).

Researcher hired for the research project ETXELAGUN – Housing Transformation Model to mitigate loneliness and increase the autonomy of the elderly, whose main researcher is Dr. Maria Olatz Irulegi Garmendia (EHU/UPV) (2022).

Researcher with the XLHOME project within the Eraikal 2022-LINE V Program: Studies, projects and specific prototypes on the industrialization of construction processes in residential buildings, together with JITHOUSING SL, promoted by the Department of Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport of the Basque Government (2022-2024).

Professional experience

Partner in the XLARK SLP architecture studio, dedicated to the drafting of architecture and urban planning projects and construction management (2005-present). Intern at the Antón Pagola architecture studio, during the course of architecture studies (2001-2005).