Mikel Barrena Herrán

Civil Engineer. Contracted Research Staff

Academic background

Civil Engineer by the Escuela de Ingeniería de Bilbao (2016) and Master in Spatial Planning by the Universidad de Cantabria (2017).

Research experience

During his internship in Tecnalia Research & Innovation, he took part in the Hazitek MOSSFILT research project, his main duties being the design of a GIS tool for urban analysis through indicators in order to define the best location for the final product.

Nowadays he collaborates with CAVIAR research group in the RISAV project, being responsible for the development of the GIS tool and designing the indicators.

Professional experience

He has worked as an urban planner for an spatial planning consultancy and as a sustainable mobility technician in Bilbao Council elaborating the Cycling Infrastructure Plan. Besides, he has produced a territorial diagnosis for the assessment of the agroecological potential as a freelance.