The project has an architectural/urban planning and interdisciplinary approach, based on the design of quality outdoor meeting spaces (squares, streets, parks, etc.) that favor active enjoyment of the immediate environment. Strengthening social relations, promoting physical activity and integrating digital technologies for it. In addition, it is proposed to study in detail the characteristic social, architectural and urban aspects of the urban meeting environments of the territory of Gipuzkoa.

Date: November 2022 – October 2024


The project aims to:

• Promote active, inclusive and diverse aging through accessible and friendly public outdoor spaces that favor social interaction and promote physical activity for everyone.

• Prevent and mitigate perceptions of unwanted loneliness through the design of outdoor spaces, which improve emotional health and promote the social inclusion of the elderly.

• Increase functional autonomy and improve the perception of safety (especially on the part of women), to allow all older people to explore and enjoy the urban and/or rural environment with ease and quality.

• Support independent living and bridge the digital divide by designing smart digital urban environments.

• Create a design guide aimed at professionals and institutions involved in urban planning to promote the transformation of the physical space that people walk through.

• Develop several pilot projects, applying the design guide developed to evaluate, improve and validate the proposed model.

• Define a roadmap to accompany the institutions involved/interested in the actual execution of the pilot projects.

• Promote the model proposed in Gipuzkoa in the rest of the Basque Country, Spain and Europe.


Organizations: Adinberri | Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa | Ayuntamiento de Beasain | EHU/UPV, liderado por CAVIAR y en el que participan también: Grupo ENEDI de la Escuela de Ingeniería de Gipuzkoa, Intelligent System Group de la Facultad de Informática, Grupo de Psicología Social: Cultura, Cognición y Emoción y el Grupo de Criminología Aplicada (CRIM-AP) de la EHU/UPV de la Facultad de Psicología