Eider Camarero Etxebarria

PhD Architect. Associate Lecturer

Academic background

Architect from the Public University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Master in Research in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry, Transport, Building and Urban Planning (UPV/EHU).

Teaching experience

Honorary Collaborator in the ETSA San Sebastián Construction Workshop in Euskera (2009-2011), Interim Labor Professor of Installations and Conditioning, ETSASS in English (2016), Associate Professor of the Subjects of Installations I and II, Environmental Conditioning I and II , Urban Facilities I (Area of Architectural Constructions), ETSAS in English (2016-2020).

Research experience

Collaborator in M-ETXEA Association made up of ETSASS professors, architects and architecture students. Created in 2007 as a workshop, and converted into an association in 2010. Staff Meeting of Collective Architectures (Puerto de Pasajes).

FINAL MASTER’S PROJECT 2012 Improvement of the Interior Environmental Quality in buildings prior to the CTE. Practical case applied to an apartment building built on a plot of the expansion not included in a conventional block. The factors involved in the quality of the interior air of built houses are analyzed before the CTE and the corresponding solution alternatives.

BILLET RESEARCH PROJECT. International contest to extend the information and use of smart meters among consumers of electricity from the perspective of savings and efficiency.

Professional experience

Simultaneously with the degree, at the Antón Pagola Architecture Studio in San Sebastián (XLARK Architecture and Urbanism Studio). Part-time collaboration (2007-2009).

Architect Cuantics Creative Lab, and free professional exercise Designer of architectural projects (2010-2012). Architect, Partner in the small architecture studio PLUG Architecture studio, trained with other architects from the promotion. Medium and small scale projects, collaboratively, covering the entire development of each project (2012-2015).

Project and consulting company promoter (www.arpelburo.com). Project and consulting company, combines architecture skills and experience in service management. Innovation in the conception of projects with a focus on operability in a low cost environment and applying an industrial office model to the management of processes and documentation (2016).


DISCLOSURE: Collaborator in the DEMA (DFB) Regional Reactivation program, training on the Space for a Business (internal analysis, activity licenses and architectural project)

Collaborator for ALDIRI Arquitectura eta Abar (architecture magazine in Basque)

  • Eraikinak ez dira Betiko (Aldiri 2012.III. 10, 14-19. ISBN 1889-7185)
  • Birpristinazio Energetikoruntz (Aldiri 2012.III. 10, 14-19. ISBN 1889-7185)

INNOVATION AND QUALITY: Member of the MET Community (Women Entrepreneurship and Technology). Mentoring project to promote social innovation and diversity promoted by several companies and the Deusto Business School (Univ. of Deusto).