oPEN Lab: Newsletter n°1 – November 2023

Don’t miss the latest news about the Rochapea living lab in newsletter number 1 of November 2023.

El pasado mes de noviembre se lanzó el primer boletín oficial del proyecto oPEN Lab. Este boletín proporciona información sobre el proyecto, detallando en qué consiste oPEN Lab y sus actividades realizadas hasta el momento. El boletín se presenta tanto en euskera como en español para así garantizar el acceso a todo el público. Last November, the first official newsletter of the oPEN Lab project was launched. This newsletter provides information about the project, detailing what the oPEN Lab consists of and its activities carried out so far. The newsletter is presented in both Basque and Spanish to guarantee access to the entire public.

You can read the newsletter directly on the Rochapea Living Lab Info website, exactly in the Boletín Informativo section. A newsletter option has also been enabled so you can receive the latest updates directly to your inbox. Don’t miss a single detail!

Newsletter n°1 – November 2023

oPEN Lab: informative sessions – interactive maps

Upcoming informative sessions on interactive maps!

This December, don’t miss the informative sessions that will be held on the interactive maps of Rochapea, part of the oPEN Lab project, in collaboration with the Colegio La Compasión Escolapios.

These sessions are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of technology applied to our community and discover how these maps can transform our daily experience. The sessions will be held at the Environmental Education Museum – San Pedro on December 12 (12:30-2:00 p.m.) and December 14 (6:00-7:30 p.m.).

If you want to be aware of these sessions and other events, don’t miss the Rochapea Living Lab events calendar.

Come and participate!

More information: Rochapea Living Lab