Alba Arias Royo

Architect. Researcher

Academic background

Architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid of the UPM (2014), she has a postgraduate degree in Bioclimatic architecture and International Cooperation (2016) by the University of Barcelona and a Master in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Industry, Transport, Building and Urbanism (2020) by the UPV/EHU.

Research experience

She is currently member and researcher of CAVIAR Research Group under the project Action plan to dynamise and implement the PCTI Euskadi 2020-2030 in the field of sustainable cities. She also has collaborated in the project financed by European funds from the Euskadi-Navarra-Aquitaine Euroregion (Interreg-Aquitaine Programme) Bio4UNi, Evaluation of synergies in the generation and use of renewable energies based on biomass to reduce the environmental impact of university campuses.

Regarding scientific dissemination, she has participated in various international conferences and she has published scientific articles.

Professional experience

She has worked as a liberal professional for 9 years (2012-present). Between 2012 and 2016 she has collaborated with Bob Aerts’ studio and the environmental company Xtramuros, both in Belgium. There, she has carried out a wide range of task such as schematic design, design development and construction documents, property valuations for banks, inventories of fixtures for renting of properties, basic projects to buildings renovation and rehabilitation projects, technical assistance and management support on environmental projects, asbestos inventories and environmental audits. In 2016 she was co-founder of AamaDArchi, an architecture and innovative projects development consultancy. Her main roles were manager of R&D&I department, sales representative, administrator and public relations. With AAmadArchi she has been able to participate in the elaboration of project proposals and implementation of them at an European and national level such as ASSUR (Eraikal) and NORDHECS (Bikaintek) among others. He has also collaborated in the development of urban planning projects, residential rehabilitation and new construction, site survey, loss adjuster reports for insurance companies, 3D modelling, measurements, technical specifications, budgets, feasibility studies, drawings for previous studies and basic projects (2016-2021).