A municipal proposal that merges technology and well-being

The University of the Basque Country, in collaboration with the Pamplona City Council, held a Virtual Reality workshop on April 28, where potential users of municipal apartments were able to express their needs and wishes for their future home. These contributions will help the City Council to design home interiors adapted to the elderly, thus improving their habitability and comfort.

The rehabilitation project and the development of the virtual reality tool are part of the European project oPEN Lab. The objective is to promote the transition towards more sustainable neighbourhoods with less energy demand. In Pamplona, the creation of the Green Energy Positive District will take place in the Rochapea neighbourhood. This will include the rehabilitation of these first twelve houses of the San Pedro Group, the opening of an energy office and the promotion of energy communities.

Get informed and participate!

More information: Ayuntamiento de Pamplona

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